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Maura Curley

Nobody likes to think about accidents, injury, and poor health – and especially during hurricane season – natural disasters. But all are an inevitable part of life. Rebounding from the unexpected is a lot easier if you’ve got yourself covered with the kind of insurance you need.

Unfortunately, many of us are under insured for the lifestyle we want to protect.

John Harper, president the St. Croix office of Marshall and Sterling, which has been doing business in St. Croix for 41 years, says obtaining the right type of coverage shouldn’t be overwhelming. Harper says it begins with personal contact. He says his staff of 38 really tries to get their clients the best policies for their needs.

Harper sees buying and selling insurance as a personal partnership, observing many people aren’t’ hands on enough with their policies. He says people often don’t take adequate interest in their insurance, “until it’s too late, and they start pulling staples out of the policy to read it.” He’d like to see more consumers ask questions up front, and make their agents work for that commission.

Marshall and Sterling, with additional offices in St. Thomas and St.John, doing business as Theodore Tunick and Company, was founded in Poughkeepsie New York in 1864.It has become the largest independent insurance agency in the Hudson Valley and in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The company attributes its success to a staff that exceeds industry expectations, and being big enough to carry weight with international and national insurers, yet small enough to be responsive to clients.

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