Zouk in Guadeloupe

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Zouk music, which originated in Guadeloupe, and Martinique has an mistakable rythmn. Zouk means "party," and it will make anyone feel festive.

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Courtesy Kassav.

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Rihanna becomes Bajan ambassador

Rihanna, native daughter of Barbados, with more than 30 million records and 100 million singles sold, has signed a multi-year deal with The Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) to exclusively promote Barbados as a tourist destination.

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Island Bill Eastern

Whether it's island or country songs, dance or easy listening his guitar hums. His dynamic show sets include tributes to the music legends of yesterday and today and crowd pleasing sing-a-longs.

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Zouk music performed by the band Kassav. Courtesy the band.

Stories around the Caribbean

Bill Eastern musician

Bill Eastern knows how to make music. For over twenty years he's entertained audiences with his feel good music. You can listen to his soothing sounds in a tavern in chilly New England or under a swaying Caribbean palm. Click for more.

Educator and fungi master

Elmore Stoutt, spent 46 years in education and is credited with making massive improvements. He is also an engaging entertainer and known as one of the islands' most intriguing fungi masters. Click for more.

Dancing around the islands

This region of the world offers rich dancing experiences, rooted in African, West and East Indian, and European history. Introduce yourself to bamboula, quadrille, merengue or just sample a little salsa. Click for more.

Dancing the bamboula

The Bamboula, an African dance, music and drumming tradition is a dramatic expression of rebellion and determination. Click for more.

Calypso cool

Calypso music shines during carnival time. Calypso often involves satirical social commentary, focusing on politics and people Click for more.

A land of symbols

Cuba is one of those four letter words to some pundits and politicians, who let criticism of the country overshadow understanding of its vibrant people, food, music and natural beauty. Click for more.

She sings her faith

She has been a television and radio talent, public relations officer for a former Virgin Islands governor, dancer, high fashion model, beauty pageant winner, biochemist, painter, singer, songwriter and attorney who practices law in St.Thomas. But the role she cherishes the most is born again Christian and Gospel performer. Click for more.

Venezuela's Oscar D'Leon

Oscar D'León, a Venezuelan musician, is internationally acclaimed for his salsa music. During the 1980s, he achieved worldwide success, and is now one of the great singers of Caribbean salsa. Click for more.

Creating cuatros from island wood

Hand selected pieces of wood are transformed into wonderfully tuned instruments in St. Croix. Rachel Woodruff glues and sands some pieces that are not much heavier than a feather. Click for more.

Love THIS music

The Caribbean Tourism Organization Foundation, and the U.S. based Ryff Music, have partnered to create "Love the Music" a CD compilation that promotes Caribbean culture through music and spoken word. Click for more.

Drums of Sully Cally

Sully Cally, a percussionist, actor and musicologist from Martinique, has published a book packed with information about his country's traditional music. Click for more.